Years of Support

Today we met Freda Welch, a lovely lady who has supported Alice House Hospice in so many ways over the years.  This is Freda’s story…

Freda remembers the work of the original group of Hospice Fundraisers, remembers the start of the Hospice in Hutton Avenue and had raised funds herself while she was still in full time work. 

“Freda also makes a small donation every month which is one of a number of ways people can help.  Whilst we always put on events to help raise funds, we also rely on the support of Volunteers to help run services and regular income from the Lottery and Regular Givers.”

Tracy Woodall, Hospice Chief Executive

Freda worked in accountancy up until her retirement at which point she decided she wanted to continue working in a voluntary capacity but no longer with numbers!  And so she began over 15 years of volunteering for the Hospice in the Administration Team.


Freda said,

“I have so many lovely memories, meeting Alice Bendle, supporting the Hospice right from the start and then working with the lovely team at Hutton Avenue and Alice House.  I still treasure my long service awards and certificates which I received.”

Freda continued,

“I also remember when the Hospice Lottery first started and have been a member since the beginning.”

Rebecca Jobson, Senior Fundraising Manager said,

“On behalf of the many local families whose annual support Freda helps I would like to say a massive thank you. It is only with the kindness of all the people in the community, who help in similar ways to Freda, that local patients can continue to access hospice care when they need it most.”

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