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Staff and volunteers at Alice House would like to wish all supporters, service users and our community members a Happy New Year.

Tracy Woodall, Chief Executive at the Hospice said, “We hope this year brings health and happiness to everyone, however our core business tells us that this is not always going to be the case and that many people will have a year where ill health features prominently in every aspect of their lives.  We want you to know that we are here to help you cope with and support you through those times when your health makes it difficult to get through each day.”

Alice House is a health hub, where not only your health needs can be met but your social stimulation is also supported to help you make friends regardless of how complex your needs are.

For many people with multiple health problems, finding an appropriate place which can accommodate social stimulation is difficult as their health needs can make it hard to find a provider.

Tracy said, “Alice House have addressed this need by starting a new Complex Needs Social Day, run by the Hospice’s Specialist Nurses, ensuring you have the peace of mind knowing that we have highly skilled nurses available and medical support on hand.

Alice House are currently working with other partners to look at where there are gaps in the health economy that can be further supported and the Hospice’s Specialist Nurses will be instrumental in delivering these new services.

Tracy commented, “We are even looking at bringing back our hugely popular Breathlessness Support Group.”

Alice House also has Long Term beds available for patients who require 24 hour nursing care and have Continuing Health Care needs.  Two beds have recently been added to this unit and are awaiting registration with the Care Quality Commission.

Tracy said, “Alice House provide over one third of all the palliative and end of life care in this community and our focus is always to meet your needs, whatever these may be.  If you have any ideas about innovative services to help us achieve these needs then let us know and we will look at what we can provide to ensure that even more people receive the outstanding care we deliver.”


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