Day Hospice was a lifeline…

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady who has been attending Alice House Day Hospice for the last 6 weeks and heard how the service has lifted her spirits.

When we met she was smartly dressed, smiling and had a twinkle in her eye but she told me how she had been feeling before she was invited to Day Hospice.

After her diagnosis of cancer and the disappointment of being told that it was incurable she was “feeling down, like in quicksand.” She said, “I was in denial and couldn’t talk to anyone, I was crying all the time and couldn’t eat. When the Day Hospice service was first mentioned I felt like this must be the beginning of the end.”

Now, however, her views have changed.

She said, “I have met wonderful people who have changed my life completely. I don’t know what I’d have done, this has been my lifeline. I’m no longer angry at my diagnosis and I have something to get up and get ready for.”

She continued, “I really can’t believe what a difference coming to Day Hospice has made. While I have been here I’ve also had a range of Complementary Therapy sessions including a facial, aromatherapy massage, a foot massage and a manicure and I have time to chat to Emma (Complementary Therapist) who is a lovely lady.”

“My family have been a great support too. My niece and nephew both help out and visit and I speak to my daughter daily on the telephone as she lives at the other end of the country.”

Day Hospice is designed to provide support to patients who may have issues with their health including:

  • Management of symptoms
  • Providing psychological and emotional support
  • Administration of treatments, such as blood transfusions and intravenous fluids
  • Providing an introduction to Hospice services
  • Signposting/referring to other healthcare professionals
  • Supporting individual and carers’ wellbeing
  • Providing relaxation and complementary therapies

Whilst you are with us, you will be cared for by our fully trained staff and have access to our Specialist Multi-Disciplinary Team and transport to and from Day Hospice can be arranged if needed.

Visit our Outpatient Services area of the website for more information about the different Day Services we have on offer.

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