The Sue Stephenson Project

Alice House Hospice is delighted to announce the launch of a new support programme The Sue Stephenson Project.

Jan Grocott, Head of Counselling & Support Services, said, “It has long been our aim to meet what we see as an unmet need in our local community – that being the provision of emotional/psychological support to children, young people and families where the main adult/caregiver in the family has a chronic/debilitating physical health condition.  These conditions might include, but are not limited to Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease or Heart Failure.”

“We were fortunate to hear of some lovely ladies from ‘Comfort for Cancer’ who came into Alice House to meet with us and hear about our hopes for the Counselling Service.   Rhona and Andrea are part of a team who have worked tirelessly over the years to raise funds for many charitable causes.  We are pleased that they could see our vision for the service and chose to invest in us.”

Jan went on to outline the support services available as part of the Sue Stephenson Project:

 “Group work for Children and young people – The Sue Stephenson Project will deliver therapeutic group work for children and young people.  Covering different themes over a 6 week period, the group sessions will include activities, creative resources and play.  Facilitated by experienced Counsellors, our aim is to promote positive ways of coping with the effects of having an adult in their life who has a long-term illness, how to externally manage thoughts and feelings in a safe way.  This will also include building support networks and resilience.”

“One to One Counselling   – We recognise that not every young person would feel comfortable in a group environment and in this instance, we would provide short term counselling.”

“Family Counselling/Support – If it is identified that some family work may be beneficial,  we can work with a family to provide support, guidance and offer therapeutic interventions in a safe and confidential environment.”

To find out more please contact the Counselling & Support Team on 01429 855550.

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