Mini Alice Mouse visits London

Mini Alice Mouse is really enjoying helping people with their bucket lists and has been busy on an adventure recently to Harry Potter Studios in London with Grace Wood in memory of her Auntie Lisa.

Grace wanted to raise money for Alice House Hospice and decided to write a letter to help get people to sponser her, this is what she wrote…

Hello my name is Grace and I was wondering if you could help me raise money for Alice Mouse on her travels.

We are taking her to the Harry Potter Studios in London. It would be a really big help because I lost someone I really loved and I was heartbroken when I lost her.

Alice House is such a lovely Hospice, always willing to help patients (including my auntie.)

Thank you so much for reading my letter and donating if you’re wanting to.

From Grace Wood

Grace’s Mum, Tracey Wood said  “Alice has had such a lovely adventure with the Wood Family in London and the Harry Potter Studio.  Thank you for letting her join us.

Grace has raised £282.50 in memory of her Godmother & Auntie, Lisa Royle, who passed away in Alice House last August. Everybody in Alice House are truly amazing and went above and beyond and I will never ever forget the love, care, dignity and attention you gave Lisa. 

You are all remarkable.”

If you would like to take Mini Alice Mouse on an adventure and share your story with us then click here and complete the online form.

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