Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapy treatments are great for promoting relaxation, reducing stress and tension in the mind and body and uplifting mood.

Complementary Therapies can help to: reduce stress (in body and mind), promote relaxation, ease sleep problems, reduce anxiety, calm the mind and restore focus, boost circulation and increase release of feel good hormones such as endorphins and dopamine etc.

Hot stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is warming and promotes deep relaxation by using smooth heated stones.

The stones are used as a tool for the therapist to massage with, instead of using just their hands. The heat from the stones penetrates a lot deeper into the muscle tissue, meaning this treatment is especially good for relieving muscle tension.

Treatment time is 40 minutes.


A Facial involves a full skin care routine applied to the face and a facial massage.

Skin Truth products are used to provide a cleanse, double cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise. A nourishing cream masque is also applied to the skin and heated mitts are used to remove some of the products.

The nourishing cream mask is left on for a minimum of 10 minutes and while this is on the client receives a soothing hand and arm massage. This treatment will leave you with a fresh, clean glowing complexion and feeling deeply relaxed.

Treatment time is 45 minutes.


Reflexology involves a massage and manipulation technique applied to the feet.

It is based on the principle that reflex points on the feet correspond with parts and organs of the body and by stimulating the reflex points healing is promoted to the body.

Pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the feet using the therapist’s thumbs and fingers which releases congestion and promotes energy flow restoring balance and harmony in the body.

Reflexology is especially good to promote relaxation, and to ease sleep problems, pain and constipation, it is also good for boosting circulation.

Treatment time is 45 minutes and only removal of shoes and socks is required.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing.

Oils have an extensive range of therapeutic properties and when absorbed through the skin and/or inhaled the client feels the benefit of these properties.

When inhaled the scent molecules in the oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the limbic system of the brain impacting the emotional and psychological centre of the brain.

When oils are applied to the skin (via massage) they are absorbed through the layers of the skin and then capillaries and enter the body system via the bloodstream.

Therapeutic properties are extensive but include mood enhancers, memory enhancers, pain relievers etc.

The oils used in your aromatherapy treatment are uniquely selected and blended to meet your specific needs.

Aromatherapy is beneficial for reducing pain and tension, uplifting mood, balancing emotions, restoring mental clarity, easing sleep problems/insomnia, easing respiratory problems – deepening breathing and reducing congestion and nourishing the skin.

As this treatment requires applying/massaging oils onto the skin removal of some clothing is needed. Dignity and privacy is always considered and only the body part being massage is exposed.

Treatment timings:

  • Full body massage- 60 minutes
  • Leg and foot massage- 30 minutes
  • Hand and arm massage- 30 minutes
  • Neck and shoulder massage- 20 minutes
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage- 45 minutes

All treatments are subject to a thorough initial consultation. Where possible this is done within the treatment timings but in some cases, it may result in the treatment over running by approximately 10/15 minutes.

For availability please contact the Holistic Wellbeing Centre on 01429 855595

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